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enterprise Shenzhen Nature Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Japan NATURE was founded in 1972, with headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. As a professional security manufacturer, it has over 40 years history. Since early 1990s when NATURE entered Chinese market and won popular reputation.

Japan NATURE (株式会社 ネエチア) was founded in 1972, with headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. As a professional security manufacturer, it has over 40 years history. NATURE based on "Harmony With Nature, Protect Nature and Seek Common Development" upon daily work , as its name "NATURE" originates in "Everything comes from Nature". The main business contains two parts. One is targeted at “Overall Protection”, focusing on R&D, sales of CCTV camera systems with using latest electronic & computer surveillance technology.NATURE adopts the unique software technology to prevent crime happen from warning in advance. Also the designed system will be used to carry out unique electronic police business. Due to development of future high-speed IT transmission screen, NATURE will pursue "beyond time and space" and develop new high-definition products. In addition, home security system will be included in our part of police work.The other is the maintenance of broadcast VTR and TV cameras. Because of digitization development, images, audio technology is also ever-changing, NATURE is also committed to “ Maximization Maintenance Improvement “. NATURE has achieved “ISO 14001 International Environmental Baseline" Certification in Sep, 2000 and always aspired to “ Full Environment Protection ". NATURE will also achieve to create an " All-round Contribution To Human Society Enterprise " to make continuous efforts in future. Since early 1990s when NATURE entered Chinese market and won popular reputation, a number of branch offices have been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. In order to serve Chinese security market better, NATURE set up a factory called “ Shenzhen NATURE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.” in Shenzhen, China, which focus on R&D,top quality products, high cost performance in accordance with the latest Japanese NATURE R&D technology and marketing methods, together with much more convenient delivery, after-sales service, etc, to create maximum value for our customers.

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Country: China
City: Shenzhen
Address: 3-4/F., Block B, East Haiwang Industrial Park, No.369 Bulong Road, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen, China.
Phone: +86 (0755) 28376870
Fax: +86 (0755) 28376874
E-mail: sales10@naturecctv.com
URL address:
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